SaaS UX design, UI & digital design for Fabmin, staff time off and holiday management application


  • LESS
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap


  • DoGo mapping
  • UX design
  • Digital design
  • Front end development


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Fabmin—offering simple online management of staff time off and holiday—is the maiden SaaS product launch from Ashford based tech startup, Spark9. With its core features in place, the MVP release for this lean project was ready for a clean, intuitive interface. Together with the product stakeholders we embarked on the design and build of Fabmin’s front end.

The fabmin planner displays all employee’s time off in one place—Managers approve their team’s right from the calendar.

The Challenge

Fabmin needed a great front end to match its best-of-breed functionality. That would include rethinking and rebuilding the minimum viable product’s (MVP) prototype interface, inline with the project’s lean ethos. A complex mix of people, contact and business facility objects; interwoven with potentially unlimited date data had to be made as easy to retrieve as it was to input.

Successful on-boarding is the greatest challenge facing any SaaS startup, so throughout the whole UX design and development process the Fabmin stakeholders insisted that user-centricity was at the heart of every decision. Creating a product with which users could easily hit the ground running was to be Fabmin’s unique selling point in a market with established competitors.

The Process

In the information architecture phase we began with whiteboard DoGo mapping based on the existing MVP. In-line with lean’s waste-busting methodology, this evolved organically into polished wireframes and eventually a design. User testing of the release candidate was to be ongoing within Spark 9’s parent group of companies, providing a continuous stream of feature by feature feedback.

Working under the technical direction of the product’s co-founder and senior backend developer, we set about building the new front end atop the existing bootstrap prototype. Weekly targets to be discussed and tracked on a kanban board. The application itself was to be a Ruby on Rails build with a themed Bootstrap framework front end utilising HAML and LESS preprocessors with jQuery.

Fabmin required a standout identity to draw together the application with any future PPC and social marketing campaigns. Eventually settling on a clean logotype to reflect the approachable yet pragmatic spirit of the product, the identity was refined and developed to suit flexibly to a variety of off and online uses.

The Result

Fabmin is a feature rich human resources tool with great UX at its heart and a design system in place to accommodate continual agile release of updates and improvements. An introductory tour assists new adopters with getting up and running; whilst a high-performance and responsive interface ensures Fabmin is a pleasure to use in any browser, on any device.

The Fabmin MVP launched with a diverse range of SME and corporate early adopters from the UK and beyond.

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