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Visual branding for my freelance design practise covering web, mobile and print

When considering my own my brand I wanted to develop a visual language mechanism which would capture the functional ethos that runs throughout my work. Positioning myself as a freelance designer and developer my professional presence and reputation are key to my business identity, making it vital to trade under my own name as opposed to an ambiguous concoction. This in mind my visual identity had to be purely typographic yet capture the nature of my approach. The result was a custom type face tying all these concepts together.

Ben Leah Design experimental font design
Custom font in its outline variation.
Ben Leah Design experimental font design
The fill variation of the custom font adopting a high contrast colour scheme.

The typeface is a modular mono-line sans serif built of overlapping components to signify the engineering behind its form. With glyphs inspired by the neo-grotesque work of font designer Kris Sowersby and the modernist classic Univers, I’ve gone for a balance between geometric and humanist curves. With two styles ‘Fill’ and ‘Outline’, it can be applied to a variety of a visual scenarios whether monotone or high contrast making it a robust display font and a perfect standalone identity.

freelance identity design
Complete print identity package with business card, postcard and promotional booklet.
Freelance business card design
My business card close-up
Ben Leah Design self promotion material
This promotional booklet which formed part of a direct mail campaign was designed with high-impact in mind.
Full booklet back
The reverse of the booklet unfurled into a poster with snippets from across my range of work.
Full booklet front
The fold-out poster booklet had space for a few carefully chosen spreads, requiring I demonstrate my range in a quick and easily accessible way.

As a small self employed business setup — particularly one in the business of selling design — I live and die by the effectiveness of my own brand communications; but I find the relationship between my own work and that I do for my clients is symbiotic — experience working on a client’s brand communications feeds into my own design work, and vice versa.

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